Guesthouse Submission Guidelines

As of July 27, 2018, we are no longer accepting submissions via e-mail. Please submit your work here on our submittable page.

Submissions are currently OPEN in all genres: poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and visual art. Please review our submission guidelines before submitting. We look forward to reading your work and aim to respond within three months.

To withdraw individual pieces from your submission, please leave us a note in Submittable. 

Guesthouse’s first-ever speculative prose contest.

Googie: “post-modern architecture influenced by jets, robots, The Space and The Atomic Age. These buildings capture the motions of atoms, orbitals, and parabols in glass, neon, and steel and aimed to replicate future speculation in real time.”


  • Each entry may comprise one submission of fiction or hybrid prose no more than 5,000. Deadline is October 31, 2019 at 11:59 PM CST. If you are submitting prose poetry, you may submit three pieces in each submission.
  • Send your submission to us via Submittable under the contest category. See link below.
  • Each submission must be accompanied by an entry fee. Multiple entries are fine and encouraged, just pay one entry fee per submission. 
  • No identifying information can appear anywhere on your manuscript document or file name.
  • Prose must be previously unpublished, but we welcome simultaneous submissions so long as you inform us (via a note in Submittable) if your work is accepted elsewhere. Submission fees are not refundable.
  • Prose in translation is not allowed. Co-authored works of prose are allowed so long as both parties agree to these guidelines.
  • Prose submissions that contain research elements should cite material appropriately either in the piece or via an attached bibliography.
  • Please do not submit if you have a close, personal relationship to our final judge that would make it so that they could recognize your work. If you want to confirm with us whether or not your entry might present a conflict of interest, shoot us a note and ask.

We’re looking for:

  • prose with a dedication to an underrepresented genre (speculative prose, fantasy, magical realism, prose with fabulist tendencies, weird fiction, hybrid works, futurism, retro-futurism apocalypse fiction, horror stories, et al.)
  • prose that contains innovative characters and spaces that influence our current understanding of entities;
  • prose that showcases unseen scenarios and characters that overcome or succumb to them, told from a place of empathy;
  • and/ or prose that re-defines the speculative tradition within fictional or hybrid works we can’t yet anticipate. 
  • People of color, a part of the LGBTQ+ community, and people with disabilities are strongly encouraged to submit.

FAQ: What do we mean by “prose?”

  • Can I submit a speculative prose poem or a series of prose poems? YES
  • Can I submit a speculative lyric essay? YES
  • Can my speculative prose be research-based and/or critical? YES
  • How about editorial prose? Can I submit an article or feature? YES, but interviews are not allowed.
  • Can I submit a personal nonfiction essay? YES
  • Can I submit a traditional short story with speculative themes? YES
  • Can I submit a piece of speculative micro-fiction? YES
  • Can my  speculative prose piece have visual elements? YES, so long as text is the primary medium.
  • Can I submit a photo essay or a piece of graphic literature? NO
  • Can I submit work in verse (i.e., line breaks)? NO
$3.00 - 5.00
$3.00 - 5.00

Please send up to ten pieces of artwork with your name and e-mail address at the top of each page. We are most likely to accept artwork that is easily displayed on our website.

$3.00 - 5.00
$3.00 - 5.00

Please send one story, up to 5,000 words, at a time, or up to three stories, up to 2,000 words each, at a time. Hybrid, short-, short-short-, and flash-fictions are all welcome. Include your name and e-mail address in the header of each page. We aim to respond to all submissions within three months, and likely much sooner.

Please send one essay up to 5,000 words at a time, or up to three essays up to 2,000 words each at a time. Include your name and e-mail address in the header of each page. We aim to respond to all submissions within three months.

$3.00 - 5.00
$3.00 - 5.00

Please send no fewer than three and no more than eight poems, in one document. No minimum or maximum page or word count. Include your name and e-mail address in the header of each page. We aim to respond to all submissions within three months.